Parasite – worth the hype

Admittedly, I’ve only see a couple of Bong Joon-ho movies; but every one I love to bits. Since Danny Boyle went completely off the err, boil, Joon-ho is now THE name I take as a guarantee for a fun movie.

Snowpierecer is an awesomely fun take on class struggle and Okja is the only super-pig movie I’ve ever seen; and a damned dark one at that. I always intend to make my way through his back catalogue but keep forgetting.

When I heard Joon-ho’s latest Parasite had won the Oscars, I’ll admit to thinking it might be a step in the other direction; after all, Oscars…

Boy was I wrong. What an awesome movie. I won’t spoil it, just watch it, it’s worth the hype. Good pacing, a couple of twists that I didn’t seem coming (though I try hard to just sit back and let a movie wash over me). I’m excited to watch it all over again.

Fun fact. When I started the movie I went in really lazy. Flipping through the Netflix options, looking for the dubbing. I know, I know. Thankfully no such option existed. You either speak Korean or you read the subtitles. I am sure this is not be accident, this was undoubted design. Had I enabled dubbing, I’d probably have second screened it and enjoyed it far less. With 15 minutes into the movie I’d forgot I was even reading subtitles (don’t judge me film snob) and was all the more engaged for it.

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