About me

Hi, I am Stuart, pleased to meet you. I am the Business Development Director of 34SP.com, a business I helped found way back in the mists of time (see: 2000). As part of the 34SP.com I help to make one of the world’s best web hosting platforms. Hyperbole? Google us 🙂

I have multiple-decades experience with digital marketing and specially SEO. Of late I am particularly keen to explore EEAT in this space – Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust.

I am based in Salt Lake City, Utah where I am also known for my other work – food writing. Gastronomic Salt Lake City is my chief vehicle for this. Since the inception of the website back in 2007, this has now become Utah’s biggest and oldest online food magazine. Along with several other writers, our content is reading my millions. Oh, I’ve personally scooped up a litany of journalism awards for my writing down through the years.

Gastronomic Salt Lake City is part of a larger stable of websites I manage, all under the A Matter Of Taste brand. Most of the web properties follow a familiar vibe, which is to say food – local to national.

In recent times, I’ve become a little obsessed with generative AI models and how these can be used to improve workflows. If I don’t have a burger or beer in my hand, you will probably find me at the keyboard hammering away with Midjourney or ChatGPT.

I post things here that I have not other feasible outlet for. Want to get in touch and talk food, SEO, EEAT, LLM, Midjourney or Chat GPT? What about all is at once? Email me at stuart@amatteroftaste.xyz or call me on ‪(385) 429-0650.